National meeting for companies in Infection, Prevention and Control

September 25-26, 2013 in Umeå

Infection prevention and control is a very important and growing sector, as it offers opportunities to tackle an increasing concern of mankind - the problem with infections, infectious diseases and antibiotic resistance. Now the second Swedish National Meeting for companies in Infection Prevention and Control is beeing held.

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Bacterial protein FilP

Skeleton proteins help cells to grow in the right direction

Linda Sandblad, Assistant Professor at the Department of Molecular Biology, Umeå University, has in cooperation with other colleagues from Sweden investigated one bacterial protein, called FilP. This protein is a crucial part of bacteria’s cell skeleton. This work can explain the cell’s mechanical mechanisms and how they obtain stability and flexibility to grow in one defined direction. The scientists have now published their results in PNAS.

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Göran Gustafsson Award

Fredrik Almqvist gets Sweden’s biggest science award

Fredrik Almqvist, Professor at Umeå University, Department of Chemistry, is honoured with the prestigious Göran Gustafsson Award – Sweden’s biggest prize in natural science. He is getting the award for his work with bacteria which cause diseases.

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New study

Revealing the weapons by which bacteria fight each other

A new study which was performed jointly at Umeå University and the University of Washington in Seattle, USA, discovered that bacteria can degrade the cell membrane of bacterial competitors with enzymes that do not harm their own membrane. This exciting finding opens the way for the development of new antibacterial drugs to fight bacteria using their own weapons. (NATURE, 2013).

Sun Nyunt Wai, professor at the Laboratory for Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden (MIMS) and the department of Molecular Biology in Umeå, Sweden, and Joseph D. Mougous, professor at the University of Washington, Seattle, USA, studied together with their students and post-docs the genes and proteins that are behind this selective defence mechanism.

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DANDRITE is new Nordic partner

MIMS welcomes DANDRITE as new partner in the Nordic EMBL Partnership

DANDRITE, The Danish Research Institute of Translational Neuroscience, is the fourth Nordic partner in The Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine.

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Senior professor and UCMR group leader receives merit medal from Umeå University

Hans Wolf-Watz is one of two senior professors who will be awarded with the merit medal from Umeå University for his important achievements at this university. He will receive the prize at the Annual Autumn Ceremony on October, 19.

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Inauguration of the Swedish Metabolomics Centre Umeå

11-12 March 2013 at KBC

Stora Hörsalen, KB3B1

Welcome to the Inauguration of the Swedish Metabolomics Centre Umeå!
The former metabolomics platform at KBC has expanded. All interested people, experts and non-experts, who want to learn more about the new established center and its service and research are welcome to an inspiring symposium which is organized during two half days at KBC.

Marianne Sommarin, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research at Umeå University, and Johan Schnürer, Deputy Vice-chancellor for Cooperation at SLU, will inaugurate the new centre on 12 March at 10:40 am, Large Lecture hall "Stora hörsalen", KB3B1, KBC.

Find more information and get registered at:

UCMR Speakers Trophy 2013

The first UCMR Speakers Trophy winner was decided at the UCMR Day 2013
Text: Åke Forsberg

Pictures: Katrin Pusch, © UCMR

The first UCMR Speakers Trophy (UST) competition was held at the UCMR Day 10th of January. The focus of the competition was to find the best way to present and communicate research to a broad audience.

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UCMR Day 10 January 2013

UCMR_Day_2013_participants1UCMR Day 10 January 2013

We would like to thank all participants, speakers and supporters

who helped to make this year’s UCMR Day to a memorable event!

More than 120 scientists from the departments Chemistry, Clinical Microbiology, Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics, Molecular Biology, Odontology, Physics, UPSC and the Electron Microscopy as well as Metabolomics platform participated.

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