Umeå Hypoxia Research Facility (UHRF)

A facility for performing experiments under hypoxic conditions has been created at the Molecular Biology Department at Umeå University.

UHRF is a facility for working under controlled oxygen concentrations with eukaryotic and prokaryotic organisms. It consists of 5 hypoxic/anoxic workstations (Don Whitley Scientific): 2x H35, 1x H135 (with HEPA filter and an Epoch2 plate reader), 1x DG250 workstation, and an Anoxomat (Advanced Instruments). In addition, we have a chemostate (Bioflo 120, Eppendorf) for microbial growth under highly controlled conditions, a cell sorter (Biorad S3), and several incubators, shakers and refrigerated centrifuges. A yearly survey will collect user’s feedback to guide the incorporation of future equipment.

Webpage of UHRF