The proteomic platform at UPSC is a part of the Umeå Protein Analysis (UPA) Facility. It was initiated in 2003 and provides infrastructure for research in protein science and proteomics. The work of UPA facility has from the beginning had a broad perspective that included the entire range of research in life science at Umeå University, the University hospital, and SLU. As a result of a work that combines education, collaborations, and services relevant advances in the development of research using proteomics and mass spectrometry based protein science were achieved.

The proteomic platform provides infrastructure, service and development for research and education in protein science, proteomics and mass spectrometry. Its instrumental and bioinformatics equipment and infrastructure was enabled through considerable investments from Umeå University, SLU, and The Swedish Research Council. As a result a complete proteomics workflow is now available for the analysis of post-translational modifications (electron dissociation mass spectrometer), which will considerably improve the current opportunities for all research in protein science in Umeå.

More information about the KBC Proteomics Core Facility

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