Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden (CBCS)

CBCS, with its two nodes in Umeå and at Karolinska Institute, was established in 2010 as a nation-wide infrastructure for chemical biology research, and in 2012 CBCS became an integrated platform at SciLifeLab.

The primary goal of CBCS is to support chemical biology research in Sweden. The identification and characterization of small molecules as research tools is a complex and costly process that requires considerable expertise and unique technology. 

CBCS is aiming to assist researchers in basic and applied research with e.g.:

  • Assay development and screen formatting
  • Screening of small-molecule libraries
  • Hit confirmation
  • Computational chemistry & modelling
  • Synthetic organic chemistry
  • Methods for target identification

CBCS is operated by experienced professionals from both academia and industry, providing a unique perspective to collaborative projects. We urge all research groups interested in the development of small molecules for research purposes to contact us for an informal first meeting.

Webpage of CBCS

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