Group picture UREM 2017 1More than 140 scientists started the new year with the UCMR DAY 2017, on 12th of January. In lively discussions the microbiologists spent the day not only with talks but also with mingling at the posters, during coffee and lunch breaks, updating themselves and guests about ongoing research projects.

Per Sunnerhagen, CARe Therapeutics, University of Gothenburg, and Linus Sandegren, Uppsala Antibiotics Center (UAC), presented the organisation an focus of their new Antibiotics Centres.

MIMS Clinical Research Fellow Peter Bergman from Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, presented his group's research on induction of antimicrobial peptides as a novel strategy to treat patients with multidrug resistant microbial infections.

UCMR visiting professor Thereza Soares, Federal University of Pernambuco in Recife in Brazil, used her talk also to thank all the colleagues at UCMR who made her stay so fruitful and nice. Hosted by Madeleine Ramstedt, Department of Chemistry, the expert in modelling bacterial cell walls spent 6 months in Umeå and expanded the Brazilian-Swedish collaboration.

In total 45 posters and 21 talks were presented.

Programme for UCMR 2017

Every seat in lecture hall Major Groove was taken  New Wallenberg Molecular Medicine Fellow Lars-Anders Carlson just started in Umeå Per Sunnerhagen from CARe Therapeutics, Gothenburg 
One of the chairpersons, Karina Persson, Department of Chemistry MIMS Clinical Research Fellow, Peter Bergman, Karolinska Institute  UCMR Visiting Professor Thereza Soares 
UCMR and MIMS Director Bernt Eric Uhlin at his introduction Anders Johansson  Linus Sandgren from Uppsala Antibiotics Center