Date: Friday, April 15, 2011 10:15
Categories: General *
Speakers: Fredrik Rosengren and Mats Kilén, Contur Software AB
Place: Large Lecture Hall, Stora Hörsalen, KB3B1
Host: Uwe Sauer

Background to this seminar (written by Uwe Sauer):

In December 2009 Umeå university joined Uppsala university and
Karolinska Institute and signed an agreement with Contur Software AB
regarding the introduction of Electronic Lab Notebooks at their respective

During 2010, Karolinska Inst. and Uppsala University successfully
introduced ELNs. In order to initiate the use of ELNs in Umeå, we would like
to invite you to this seminar with representatives from Contur Software AB,
the suppliers of ConturELN.

Advantages of ELNs compared to paper lab note books:
-multi user access to notes within a project
-notes can contain different media such as data sheets, pictures,
videos, and more
-notes are well documented and securely saved/stored
-all changes to the data are documented
-data is easily accessible even after a student/post-doc has left the lab
-ELNs reduce the risk for fraud

Please join the seminar and hear more about ELNs for Umeå.