Date: Monday, October 24, 2011 13:30 - 16:45
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Contact info: Åke Forsberg
UCMR Mini symposium – Invitation to UCMR post-doc seminars

24 October 2011 13.30-16.45
Lecture room Betula, University Hospital Campus, Building 6 M

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Umeå Centre for Microbial Research (UCMR) is an interdisciplinary research centre established by a consortium of scientists representing medical & molecular microbiology, molecular & structural biology, chemistry & physics, and is devoted to top quality research and novel applications in the fields of microbial pathogenesis. The idea with this mini symposium to highlight the research conducted by post-docs within UCMR research groups and promote collaboration within UCMR but hopefully also lead to new collaborations both within UCMR as well with other research groups.


    Session I: Chairpersons Emma Andersson and Vladimir Vimberg

Bacterial genes involved in macrophage TNF-alpha response to the human pathogen Streptococcus pyogenes
Sophie Coudeyras

Total syntheses of Pseudoceramines A-D and Spermatinamine
Mikael Hillgren

Coxsackievirus A24 and cellular receptors on human ocular cells
Nitesh Mistry

How predicting disorder in proteins help us understand disease
Lixiao Wang

YscU and its role in Type-III-Secretion
Stefan Frost

Antibacterial properties of gallium
Olena Rzhepishevska

Coffee break

Session II: Chairpersons Sophie Coudeyras and Mikael Hillgren


Heat temperature requirement A (HtrA) is a Highly Conserved Serine Protease, required for Streptococcus pneumoniae survival in contact with human innate immune system
Vladimir Vimberg


Curli fiber assembly in the presence of small peptidomimetic molecules
Emma Andersson


Structural and functional characterization of SfaX, protein involved in the regulation of adhesion and motility genes in extraintestinal pathogenic Escherichia coli
Patricia Paracuellos


Phagocyte response in fungal infections
Marc Röhm

Inhibitors of acetylcholinesterase: kinetic studies, crystallography and computation to elucidate the nature of protein-ligand interactions
David Andersson