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Wednesday, May 05, 2021

UCMR Distinguished Guests Seminar Series

Wed. 5 May, 2021 15:00 - 16:00

Scott Hultgren    
Washington University, USA

Title of the talk: “UTI Complexity at the Bacterial-Host Interface: Blueprint for Antibiotic-sparing Therapeutics”

Venue: via ZOOM

Bio of the speaker: 

Scott Hultgren, Helen Lehbrink Stoever Professor of Molecular Microbiology and Director of the Center for Women’s Infectious Disease Research at Washington University in St. Louis, received his Ph.D. at Northwestern University, and postdoctoral training with Staffan Normark at Umeå, Sweden. He was elected to the National Academies of Sciences (2011) Medicine (2017) and Inventors (2020); and is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He has received Washington University Distinguished Investigator and 2nd Century Awards, the Eli Lilly award, St. Louis Science Academy’s Fellows Award, a Nobel Fellowship, an NIH Merit grant, an honorary Doctor of Philosophy at Umeå University, a Shipley Lecturership at Harvard University and been named a College Luminary by Indiana University. He has also chaired a Gordon Conference on Microbial Attachment and co-chaired the national “Moving into the Future:  New Dimensions and Strategies for Women’s Health Research” conference sponsored by ORWH/NIH and Washington University.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

1st Umeå Interdisciplinary Symposium on Hypoxic Biology

Tue. 25 May, 2021 8:45 - 16:45

1st Umeå Interdisciplinary Symposium on Hypoxic Biology

25 May 8:45-16:45, online via Zoom

The concentration of oxygen is one of the most important variables in many physiological and pathological processes. Do you care about oxygen levels in your experiments? Probably you should, and now you can at UHRF.

UHRF (Umeå Hypoxia Research Facility) is a new facility created to support research projects that require controlled oxygen conditions. We are co-financed by the Kempe Foundation and the Umeå Center for Microbial Research (UCMR) and you can find us at the Department of Molecular Biology.              

To introduce UHRF, we have organized an exciting virtual symposium to highlight the fundamental role of hypoxia in microbial ecology and infection, fungal biology, plant science, cancer, neurobiology and virology research. This first interdisciplinary symposium on hypoxic biology in Umeå is a joint initiative of UHRF ( and UCMR (

The invited speakers include: Michael Jetten (Microbial ecology; Radboud University, The Netherlands), Emilio Bueno (Infection biology; University of Umeå, Sweden), Francesco Licausi (Plant biology; University of Oxford, UK), Emily Flashman (Plant biology; University of Oxford, UK)  Jonathan Gilthorpe (Neurobiology; University of Umeå, Sweden), Randall Johnson (Tumor biology; Karolinska institutet, Sweden), Jane McKeating (Virology; University of Oxford, UK), Robert A. Cramer (Fungal biology; Geisel School of Medicine, USA), Constantin Urban (Fungal biology; University of Umeå, Sweden), Björn Schröder (Gut microbiome; University of Umeå, Sweden), Andreas Baumler (Gut microbiome; UCDAVIS, USA).


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