UCMR/KBC Research Schools grants have expired

The highly successful UCMR/KBC research schools have been supported by 5-year grants from the Swedish Research Council, VR. This has provided unique possibilities to excellent training and courses that also have been open to PhD students and postdocs from departments outside the UCMR/KBC environments. These grants cannot be prolonged and there are currently no opportunities to apply for support for this type of research schools.

UCMR, MIMS, KBC and UPSC will continue to support core facilities and technical platforms and the ambition is to continue to provide training and courses for these important research infrastructures. More information about this will be provided within short.

The faculties have also indicated that they will offer generic courses like for instance research ethics, English writing, reading skills and presentation techniques and possible also other courses. At present it is not decided how these courses will be advertised and administrated but hopefully more information will soon come from the faculties.

We hope that many of the courses developed with support from our research schools will also be provided for PhD students also in the future as the research schools have provided excellent training for young researchers at Umeå University.

Åke Forsberg                                    Marianne Sommarin
UCMR research School   KBC Research School