NMR Module 1: Basics (Driving License)
- Why do I need NMR ?
- What can I do with NMR ?
- How can I run NMR at KBC?

Date:  4-10 October 2013
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The students will get a first overview of the different NMR parameters that can be used in advanced NMR approaches in life science, ranging from drug discovery to structure determination of large biomolecules. Lectures are given in basic NMR theory and practical exercises will cover basic experimental setup and processing/analysis of spectra.
The students will acquire sufficient knowledge to run basic NMR experiments on their own at the KBC NMR platform with focus on acquisition, processing and interpretation of experiments used in assignment and structure determination of small biologically active molecules. The students will acquire the basic theoretical knowledge to understand basic NMR phenomena and experiments, and how to derive molecular information from them. This basic knowledge will be essential for the NMR modules II and III where advanced NMR applications such as ligand screening and structure determination of biopolymers will be studied.

Start: Friday 4 October 2013
Duration: 3 days theory + 2 days hands on NMR exercises
For interested: 2nd week practical NMR with own inquiries
Please note: The number of participants are limited to 5. Registering for the course does not mean that one is guaranteed a spot. More information will be sent out after the registration deadline.

Friday 4/10
10.00-12.00 KB7B12: Lecture I - NMR Introduction and Basic Concepts
13.00-14.30 KB7B12: The NMR spectrometer - Short lecture and visit NMR lab

Monday 7/10
10.00-12.00 KB7B12: Lecture II - Heteronuclei, NOEs, Assignment, Pulses
13.00-16.00 NMR Lab 1: Basic NMR Setup

Tuesday 8/10 10.00-12.00 KB7B12: Lecture III - 2D NMR and Experiments for Protein Structures
13:00-15.00 DL-KB4B1: Computer exercise - NMR Processing

Thursday 9/10
09.00-10:00 DL-KB4B1: Introduction to 2D Processing and Assignment Strategies
10:00-12:00 DL-KB4B1: Computer exercise - NMR Processing and Assignment
13:00-15:00 NMR Lab 2: 2D NMR Setup on Tripeptide. Experiments for Assignment and Structure: COSY, TOCSY, HSQC & NOESY

Friday 10/10 9:00- DL-KB4B1: Computer exercise - 2D NMR Processing/Analysis

For interested: 2nd week practical NMR with own problem solving in various research groups

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